Top 18 Best Cydia Sources – 2018 Edition


Do you know what is Cydia? Do you have any idea that how you can use Cydia? Well through this post we are going to have a detail discussion about spicing up your iOS devices with new Cydia apps or cydia sources. We all have been aware from the benefits of cydia repositories through which they allow us to search and download the Cydia applications to our iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads. They even let us install some great tweaks, games and themes in our devices.

List of Cydia Sources – 2018

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List of Top and Best Cydia Sources & Repos 2018 :

#1. APP Cake / iPhone Cake : if you are a game lover, & you play a lot then you should consider installing iPhone Cake repo on your iOS device, because it provides free games for your iOS device, app cake was formerly known as iphone cake. So many people find it to be the ideal way in terms if they are searching around for the games. This repo has been included with the different games. This repo has been best that helps you to improve the iDevice experience.

App Cake Repo URL :

#2. Intelliborn : is another awesome cydia repo with thousands of tweaks which is regularly updated, it is well known for MyWi, Intelliscrren X, My3G, & IntelliID. it is undoubtedly a must have repository on your iOS device.

Intelliborn Repo URL :

#3. BiteYourApple : A cydia repository very similar to it contains ringtones, mods, wallpapers and tweaks & thousands of useful applications desired by many ios users. BiteYourApple is well known for its apps like : zToggle, GridLock, Wifi Sync, Folder Enhancer, GroupSMS, Springtomize 2 & Insomnia Pro etc.

#4. iCauseFX : with the help of its tweaks you can easily modify icons & background of your iphone. it is indeed A must have app for Jailbroken iOS devices. it supports iPhone, iPad & iTouch too.

iCauseFX Repo URL :

BiteYourApple Repo URL :

#5. iSpazio : is also updated repository filled with thousands of useful applications & tweaks, you will have to run in in chrome browser because the main website is served in Italian language. so chrome will translate it for you ! for a better understanding and for a better user experience.

iSpazio Repo URL :

#6. HackYouriPhone : is a must have repository on your iphone. it is another italian based repo famous for its mods, themes & tweaks. most downloaded apps from this repo are iBlacklist, biteSMS ,Folder Enhancer, iBirthdays, iProtect, iFile & AdBlock.

HackYouriPhone Repo URL :

#7. ThemeItApp : it plays an important role to take your iphone look to a next level, a lot of customization options are available in this repo, but ThemeItApp focuses on quality instead of quantity so you may not get the quantity but you will surely get the quality. it will help a lot to modify your iOS device.

#8. iHackstore :  CameraWallpaper, Pwn Mail, FreeSync, ChatPic, & GroupSMS are the famous Cydia apps for which this repo is known. it is a gold mine for apps, themes, tweaks, music, and games.

iHackStore Repo URL :

#9. iHacks : it provides all kinds of mods tweaks and hacks available for an jailbroken device, it is known to be an amalgam of a xSellize source and SiNful iPhone source, it is also famous & known for ROM’s, emulators & game collections and much much more.

iHacks Repo URL :

#10. iForce : looking for quality tweaks for your iOS device ? iForce is all you need. it is well known for its cydia apps like : iBluever, AirBlue Sharing & AirBlue GPS, these apps are supported by iPhones, iPads, & ipods too.

iForce Repo URL :

ThemeItApp Repo URL :

#11. Modmyi : This Cydia repository is included with the varieties of the applications along with the modifications for your iDevices. Through it you can grab up with the latest news, reviews, downloads alongside with the themes and Cydia applications. It is quite easy to use.

ModMyi Repo URL :

#12. SinfuliPhoneRepo : Well out Cydia sources list would be incomplete if we don’t mention with the name of SinfuliPhoneRepo. This will going to make you provide with the cracked version of all the paid Cydia apps.

Cydia Repo URL :

#13. PwnCenter : it is the best cydia source known for downloading ringtones, themes & wallpapers ! it is a must have cydia repo because there is some really amazing stuff is available on this repo.

PwnCenter Repo URL :

#14. iCleanerPro Repo : This Cydia source is loved and most wanted among the users who have less space issue on their iPhone. It is best as it is free cydia application.

iCleaner Pro repo URL :

#15. vShare Repo : vShare is the best and top alternative to Installous. If you are planning to download with the paid iOS applications for free then this Cydia source is the best option.

vShare Repo URL :

#16. Insanelyi : Insanelyi is another best known entry in the cydia sources. In this repo you can look for the thousands or we would say millions of modes and applications along with tweaks. You can use it and keep yourself updated with latest and hot topics of the town.

Insanelyi repo URL :

#17. FillippoBiga : This repo will make you provide with different kinds of interesting designs. This will even going to customize the icons as well as dock, Status bar, lockscreen, folders and much more.

FillippoBiga repo URL :

#18. BigBoss : BigBoss has been marked to be one of the top and best Cydia source repositories present on the internet. This repo will going to make you get closer with thousands of thee tweaks, mods, apps and even exciting themes. This repo will even going to assist the users with the ability to configure the ring and the vibrating behavior of the iDevice as it gets some call or meessage.

BigBoss Repo URL :

Now you know all about the latest cydia sources, so lets begin with the installation process.

How to Add Cydia Sources Or Repos to Find More Jailbreak Tweaks ?

  • Open up “Cydia app” installed on your phone.
  • Tap on the “sources” icon.
  • Tap on the”Edit” option available in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then select “add” button. (it will ask for the repo url)

  • Enter the “Repo url” you want to install & tap on add source “button”
  • Repo installation process will begin.
  • wait for the process to complete, because it may take a while.

After successful installation, you can tap on the “icon” of the installed repo and start browsing !

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We hope that through this post you must have learn about best and top Cydia Sources in 2018 ! Grab them now and get into the exciting world of themes, games and tweaks!

We tried our best to cover all working Cracked Cydia sources / Repos for iOS 7, 8, 9,10 & 11. Kindly Give your valuable feedback below in comments.

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