Adblock Blocking Script For Blogger And WordPress

Revenue is an important part of blogging, but these days almost every 3rd visitor to your website uses adblocking software or browser extension which decreases revenue dramatically so how do we overcome this issue ? its very easy just follow this guide.

Adblock blocking Plugin For WordPress

  • Download Plugin from here! go to plugins menu and upload & Activate plugin.
  • Adblock blocker will be added to your wordpress menu. no further actions needed but you can customize it according to your needs.

Anti Ad-blocking HTML Script For Blogger

  • Open this website in new tab to generate latest script for your blog or website.
  • Click download button (Choose latest version of script). you’ll be navigated to new page.
  • Script should be generated automatically, copy this script and paste it into

For wordpress paste it into text widget and drag it to header. 
For blogger paste it in html widget and drag that widget to header.

That’s it 😀



  1. what about pop up blocker chrome extension. And thanx forthis post. I really want this type of method from long time.

    • thanks @ rajesh for appreciation & i didn’t get you ? you want to block popups during browsing or you want to force your popups on your website/s… ?

      waiting for your reply…

  2. hey i want to say that suppose i use adblocker plugin on wordpess site now a visitor having adblocker extension visit my site. Now he see a message that please disable your adblocker. But instead of disable the adblocker. He just add my site to whitelist in his adblocker. Now he can surf my site.but what about the popup ads domain it is still block in his browser. In this popup will not come up and we lose our revenue. Hope u understand .

    • okay i understand, but by using this plugin or script…if user add your site to whitelist then popups will also will not get blocked by adblock extension or software…

      but some popups get blocked by browsers…
      there isn’t anything you can do about that… 🙁

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