Top 18 Best Cydia Sources – 2018 Edition


Do you know what is Cydia? Do you have any idea that how you can use Cydia? Well through this post we are going to have a detail discussion about spicing up your iOS devices with new Cydia apps or cydia sources. We all have been aware from the benefits of cydia repositories through which they allow us to search and download the Cydia applications to our iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads. They even let us install some great tweaks, games and themes in our devices. Continue reading

What is SSL Certificate & Why it is important For SEO ?

A complete Beginner’s Guide to SSL explaining What is ssl certificate, Why SSL Makes Your Website More Secure, Explained how Https works a ranking factor, what it its importance and all the other aspects you need to know is covered in this ssl guide 2018.

What is an SSL Certificate ?

SSL is known as Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is basically a standardized technology for the security of the website which creates an encrypted connection between a client and a server. This connection can be between a web server and a browser or a mail server and its client.

Why SSL is important For a Website ?

This Secure Sockets Layer lets all the private information like a bank account number, any login details or a social security, to be sent securely over the website to the server.

Usually, the data transmitted between the browser and the web server is sent in plain text which leaves you in a very vulnerable condition of getting your secret information easily leaked or hacked. If any hacker gets the access to all the date data is being communicated between the web server and the browser, they can see all the information easily and your privacy is finished.

SSL certificate installation is now a necessity of every business website to maintain their information private. Google also prioritizes the websites which contain an SSL certificate for good search engine (SEO) rankings.

After the installation of an SSL certificate on the website hosting, a small green padlock icon will appear on to the left side of the website URL and the https will also appear to be green. SSL basically makes the customer feel safe and comfortable with its shared personal information so that the customer remains a user of that website for a much longer time period.

SSL Shows Security And Trust :

Every visitor keeps on using a specific website after they see that there is a green coloured padlock on the left side of the URL which shows that the website has an SSL certificate and all their private data and information they have been sharing is safe in between the web server and the browser.

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This is really very important for the websites that are usually related to website and they have all the types of credentials and private information of their clients which needs to be remained safe from any intruder. Without this type of security, a visitor will never show interest and feel the website to be insecure.

A specific research has proven that around 70% of the people who are used to online shopping have cancelled their orders because they do not find the website to be trusted and safe. Moreover, 66% of these shoppers have said that they would have completed their orders if the website had an SSL certificate.

Google Rankings – https as a ranking factor :

In August 2014 Google has launched their HTTPS everywhere initiative so that they can make the online world a much better and safer place for its daily consumers which are always increasing. This special initiative was taken so that the web users can be encouraged to use HTTPS and they can know the actual importance of online security through this.

Google has also made another very important change with the help of this initiative that a website which will have an SSL certificate and they support the online security, will be ranked high in the Google search. Comparatively, the websites which will have a very weak online security will automatically be pushed down the lane in Google search.

After reading this article, I am sure that now you are aware of the importance of SSL certificate in Search Engine Optimization. So, What are you waiting for? Migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS today!